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The Collage series began after a trip to the United States and was developed up until the 1980s. Using a wide range of material (canvas, paper, fabric) and the dripping technique, works like the 3Ds function on the combined effect of the images, which in this case are lying on the same plane. The final picture, a “cold reconstruction of an impulsive act” (Remo Bianco), is the result of the assemblage of the different small squares in which the same work is broken down from. Often “tessere” (pieces) of different works are included in the same collage, thus increasing the possibilities of image creation and lending a flexible character to the picture in its constitutive elements.

The fragmented character of the pictures of this series identifies this cycle as painting in opposition to "Art Informel". The Collages “contrast the gestural violence and the rapid and biomorphic ductus” of those works (A. Altamira 2001).